Technical Programme - Saturday 14 October

Saturday 14 October 2017

8.30 am – 10.00 am:  Session 5
Chairman:  Rhys Rogers

Paper 1:  'Auckland's Big Push' 
Edward Ayre - McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd / Dene Cook - Firth Humes Group

Paper 2:  'Joint Design and Management in Industrial Floors'
Andrew Coumaros - RamsetReid

Paper 3:  'Examples of Creative Solutions in Recent Concrete Bridge Construction' 
Peter Laursen - California Polytechnic State University

Paper 4:  'Wigram-Magdala Link Bridge - the first New Zealand bridge with Low-Damage Ductile-Jointed Bridge Piers'
Peter Routledge / Michael Cowan / Victoria Worner - Opus International Consultants; Alessandro Palermo - University of Canterbury


8.30 am - 10.00 am:  Session 5A
Chairman:  Joe Gamman

Paper 1:  'To the next level: New Cement finally brings the advantages of Pozzolans to the NZ Construction Industry'
Cameron Greig - HR Cement Limited

Paper 2:  'The Design and Construction of the Rototuna Reservoir Post Tensioned Floor Slab on Grade'
David Sharp - Grouting Services; Dave Godfrey - Hawkins Infrastructure; Tim Peters - EDGE Consulting Engineers

Paper 3:  'The Kirkbride Road Interchange'
Sheena Chen - MHX Kirkbride Alliance

Paper 4:  'Investigation on the properties of magnesium-based cement as for concrete repairing'
Nan Yang / Allan Scott / Matthew Watson / Hung Tran / Rajesh Dhakal - University of Canterbury; Caijun Shi - Hunan University China 


10.00 am - 10.45 am:  Morning Tea

10.45 am – 12.45 pm:  Session 6
Chairman:  Jeff Matthews

Paper 1:  'Watercare Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant BNR Upgrade'
Blair Davidson / Chris Lenssen - Holmes Consulting LP; Colin Newbold - MCD-HEB Joint Venture; Sven Harlos - Watercare

Paper 2:  'KiwiRail Southdown Project - Replacement of Road 35'
Andrew Dallas - Conslab / Benjamin Browne - Novare Design

Paper 3:  'Hardened Concrete Performance Guidelines for Construction Projects in New Zealand'
James Mackechnie - Allied Concrete

Paper 4:  'Recent Testing and Design Recommendations for Precast Concrete Panel-to-Foundation Connections'
Lucas Hogan / Rick Henry / Jason Ingham - University of Auckland

Paper 5:  'Strengthening of the Majestic Centre, Wellington'
Rob Presland / Hamish McKenzie - Holmes Consulting Group; Tane Graham - Fletcher Construction Company


12.45 pm – 1.00 pm:  Sandy Cormack Award and Conference Closure